Spookily Great Year!

Is it really May already?! We started in May last year and myself and Luce are so happy to have made it to May 2018! Our loyal supporters, fans and customers are the best and we thank you upmost because without you this wouldn't be possible anyway! To those who continually give us support and love (you know who you are) you are the reason we do all this with a smile! We will always  remember those that support us and loyalty will always be rewarded! In our upcoming May box all subscribers will receive an extra! 🖤

Here's some awesome tagged @boxofgoth #boxofgoth Instagram images we've noticed this month (keep them coming... we love them!)

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box of goth boxesbat box of goth batshit crazy necklace

mei mei box of goth lovelies box of goth box of goth youngen

bat necklace box of goth loser club beanie bat ring box of goth

box of goth loser box of goth box of goth loser club

bat box of goth open box of goth box of goth open

bat boxbats bats batsbats goth box

bats bats box of goth bats and more batsgoth box bats

bat boxesbox of goth boxes of goth

more batsbat meltybat boxes box of goth

batshit crazyjan box winnerbox of goths

loser box of goth stuffmeltybox of goth box

loserring box of goth


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Keep being wonderfully dark you awesome lot 🖤🤘