An Odd Month!

January was an odd month, it dragged and then all of a sudden it's February!

It will be another odd month this month as we're doing another oddities style box with our Coffin Box of Curiosities, available now! Very limited amount as always and again this month Subscription boxes will receive an extra item in their boxes! Don't miss out, we're super excited about this one!

We hope to have a few extra Witches Mix boxes online soon but we have to save the handful we have in case of any order losses etc. It's rare but it does happen! As soon as we can we will contact those who had previously expressed interest in January after they had sold out, and then make them available online. Thanks so much to those who have messaged us to say you love your Witches Boxes, you have no idea how much messages like that make the very long hours all worth it. We love we do even, if a struggle at times, but it makes our black hearts melt when you lot love it too. šŸ–¤

So here's some images we've spied over Instagram, keep those tags coming, your pics make our day :)


Again don't miss out on our Coffin Box of Curiosities box available now!