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Oh The Horror! Box (SINGLE PURCHASE)

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Oh The Horror! Box
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All Horror Boxes Will Be Dispatched Before March 26th (as soon as I have all the items) but you can Stay Updated via @BoxofGoth for Shipping Updates and More! 
If ordering this box and the current months they will be shipped together unless ordered separately.
- A Jam Packed Box of Horror Movie Inspired Goodies! 
- Items will range from jewellery, homewares, fashion accessories. stationery and more! Inspired by characters and movies such as IT, The Shining, A Nightmare On Elm Street & More! I have a collaboration or two TBA, but a confirmed with the amazing @sinistersigns! Please leave me a note if you have had one of her horror plaques as she is doing a different colour variation (limited qty available)
- One Item has two variant options. You will receive one at random.
- Presented in their own large boxes, not the coffins! (The monthly coffins have size restrictions with stuff so to make things easier these have their own "normal" boxes!)
Theme image artwork by Faridul exclusively for Box of Goth. 
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