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Mini Mystery Advent Boxes

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Mini Mystery Gothmas Advent Box
All mini advent mystery boxes will be shipped starting December 4th.
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The Mini Mystery Advent boxes will contain either 5 or 7 individually wrapped items (please select five or seven). These items are featured in the 25 and 12 day Gothmas Advent Coffins. Items may include beauty, jewellery, home, crystals and more! There are no prints, magnets or incense as items but you may receive those items as extras. You may receive an item from our collaborations with @follyfire, @gore_naments, @onesillyrabbitstudio, @bubbletcosmetics, @thefolkwitchshop, or exclusive BOG items! Please note that no item is Christmas specific so items can be "used" after Christmas so to speak.
These will be presented in our normal monthly coffin boxes as unfortunately not the larger advent coffins as those we're specifically for lots of items and the size made postal costs much higher than normal.
Please visit our Payments & Delivery page for more information on payments and shipping costs.