What is Box of Goth?
Box of Goth is an alternative monthly themed subscription box filled with mystery gothic and horror inspired items. (Please note some items may be adult themed)
What can I expect in my box?
You can expect between 6-10 items ranging from jewellery, accessories, home-wares, candy, fashion, stickers, candles, bath & body, cosmetics, arts, stationery, trinkets, crafts and art. 1-3 of all box items are currently handmade by our duo team. Other items are sourced, manufactured for Box of Goth and we also do collaborations (which we love!) with other companies and independent individuals! (Please feel free to contact us if this is of interest to you/your company). You can find out a general gist what’s inside from the box product description and the sneak peek picture that will go up between the 1st-2nd week of the month. Full box contents pictures of previous month boxes can be seen by clicking here. (You can also see customer pictures on our blog pages).
You can now also buy a Past Mystery Box with your contents choice or have it a complete mystery!
All themed and past mystery box orders are sent out in our handmade coffin boxes!
How can I buy a box?
That month’s Box of Goth will be available as a new subscription pre-order purchase or singular pre-order purchase from the 1st (latest 2nd) of that particular month. All themed boxes have a limited amount made.
How much is the box?
A single pre-order box will be £24 and subscription boxes will be £23, both excluding delivery. Any previous months boxes available after that month can be bought as a one-off purchase only for £25 excluding delivery.
Why should I subscribe to Box of Goth?
As well as getting the box oh-so-slightly cheaper (every little helps), every third box subscription box orders will receive an extra item in their box! We like to reward our loyal customers and always remember support. We also like to send all subscription (or regular single purchase) orders a freebie birthday gift (sometimes even a box!) or a big birthday discount in their birthday month! Just email us and let us know your birthday and we've got the rest. We also send anyone's yearly box to them FREE! We love you guys and couldn't do it without you!
When will I get my box?
All boxes are made, packed and shipped on time every month! Boxes are sent out on the 28th of each month, though if we can make, pack and label everything quicker, we will! Look out for dispatch emails and stay updated via our Instagram page @Boxofgoth. If the 28th falls on a Sunday, boxes will go out on the 29th. Boxes are sent out via Royal Mail for all International orders and Myhermes or Royal Mail for all UK orders. You may put in your notes if you'd prefer to have your box sent via Royal Mail for the UK. Although many seem to dislike Myhermes we've test sent boxes out with both companies and found a lot more issues with Royal Mail for UK orders. If Royal Mail is your desired courier and your box does not reach you on the first attempt it will be changed to MyHermes.
I have a problem/issue with my order/box what can I do?
Just send us an email hi@boxofgoth.com and it will be resolved. We always reply to emails within a max of 48 hours. If you have not received your box please check your tracking information provided in your dispatch email (please also check your spam). If you cannot find out any information please send us an email and we will look into it for you (we do not check tracking unless contacted so will not know if you have not received your box unless you tell us). If items arrive broken just contact us and will send a new one/s out no fuss. We do not put items into boxes broken but a bumpy journey can unfortunately make some items arrive faulty. Moaning to anyone but us will not get you a replacement. :)
I need to cancel my subscription what can I do?
You can log into your account and cancel your subscription through there, but if you have any trouble doing so or if you would like us to, again just send us an email and it will be done within a max of 48hrs, though usually within 12hrs. (When logging in to cancel your subscription on your mobile use the scroll bar at the bottom to move to the right of the screen to see your account options). You’ll receive a confirmation of cancellation upon cancellation of your subscription. If you would ever like to skip a month on subscription instead of cancelling just let us know and we will move the next payment date to your desired.
Can I buy past month’s boxes?
Unless they are available on store usually unfortunately not. We only make a limited number of boxes for each month and once they’re gone, they’re gone! You can contact us for possible past box requests and if possible we will make it for you. Any past full boxes we can make on quiet days will be made available online as and when they are made. We will also try to do a one-off shop with past boxes and individual items made available at the end of the year! Stay updated on our social media pages. (If there's an individual item you see and you want, send us an email and we will see what we can do). From May 2019 we will have an option to order a mystery box full of your desired individual items from past month boxes.
Can I make a request or suggestions for my box/themes/items?
Of course! We love interaction with our supporters and anything you’d like to see in the box, any themes, item ideas, or even requests for a gift, note inside your box for someone else etc, please do send them our way!
Do you do collaborations?
We love to do product collaborations with other companies/independent individuals, so please do send us an email in your are interested in working together. 
We very rarely send out free boxes for review due to sending out a minimum of 10 free boxes a month for customer yearly boxes and birthday freebies. (No joke!)
Can I get a refund on my order?
Unless your box hasn't yet been dispatched, unfortunately, as our items are made limited, sourced specifically and different for each month of Box of Goth, we do not accept returns. We will always happily replace faulty items. We understand that Box of Goth will not be for everyone so please do check out our social media pages, full box contents page, blog pages, or contact us with any questions or hesitations you may have to see if Box of Goth is for you before purchasing.
Again, if your box or items arrive damaged, please just contact us and it will be resolved completely.  
How can I contact Box of Goth?
As keeping up with notifications on all our social media pages can be tricky, we do not always see notifications so please email us; hi@boxofgoth.com and your email will replied to within a maximum of 48 hours.