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12 days Box of Gothmas Advent Calendar 1-12

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Box of Gothmas Advent Calendar (12 days)


Internationals can order up until the 11th November for 25 day and November 20th for 12 days.
UK can order up until November 22nd for 25 and 12 day advents. Any items still available after this time will be made into smaller Christmas boxes and contain 6-7 items. More info coming soon!

Days 1-12

The advent cannot be checked out with any other box. Please order separately.

The Box of Goth Advent 12 day Coffin will contain 12 individually numbered and wrapped main items, including beauty, jewellery, home, crystals and more! There will be NO prints, magnets, keyrings, incense or stickers as items though they may be added as additional extras.
The items are the same as the 25 day advent and the same day item, for example number 1 for all boxes is the same and number 13 is the same for all boxes. There are a couple items with variations of design or colour and you will be selected one of those items at random. 
They will be presented in an even larger black coffin box (please see the larger coffin box next to our usual size coffins) with a beauty, gothic, spooky or witchy goodie inside for your chosen 12 days Christmas! The RRP of the box is £120-£130.
The advents will be sent out between the 1st- 2nd week of November. They will be shipped via FED-EX/PARCELFORCE/DHL/DPD or UPS depending on who I can get the best quote from at the time of shipping. These will be sent via express as so I can ensure everyone receives their parcels. Shipping prices are expensive and I apologize for that but they are below what it actually currently costs, so I am paying some towards each advent shipment I just can't unfortunately pay for it all as I am not even making the cost of shipping the box per box :)
When your Advent is shipped out early November please keep track of your box with it's tracking number to ensure you receive your parcel.
You can find out more about delivery and costs here
Any sneak peek pics or additional info will be available during the months of October and November. I'm doing everything alone so bare with me :) Stay updated with our Instagram @Boxofgoth. Any questions just send me over an email,
Thank you for your support 🖤 
Nikki 🦇