What a Difference a Month Makes... Going Batty Over Here!

Hello hello! We hope everyone is well and staying safe, what a difference a month makes ay! 🙄 

If anyone needs a chat were always here ❤

We're glad you loved your curious box featuring @accessorycemetery, @jawlinejewellery, @violetvixanne and @brekninger 🖤 and your mini boxes we had running as a collab with @accessorycemetery ⚰ 

Here's some images we've spied over instagram in March, keep those posts coming! 😍

We've seen some of you have received your Munsters Mania boxes which we will post next month ❤ we're so happy you're loving them and the new bigger boxes! They can be gits to get into but once you know how it get easier and easier! 

So you guys chose Bats over Conspiracies (we will do sometime this year 👽) so we're giving it to you! BATS ABOUT BATS is now available! 🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇
Very limited quantity available and all our subscriber received a discount added to their upcoming orders 🖤 Our new sub box sign-ups can buy the box slightly cheaper than usual AND all single purchase boxes are slightly cheaper than usual too! Currently for April only as we all need a little help right now and we cant thank people enough for sticking by us  ❤
Stay safe ❤🖤❤