This Year... Meh.

Is anyone else done with this year already? It feels like it's just a blur of nothing good whizzing by! The best thing about my year is you amazing lot that keep me smiling and sane!

Our lovely Lucy is still off, she wants to make sure she doesnt bring anything to the office... it's now been three weeks since she has been here but she has only recently felt better so to keep things safe and her well she'll be off for a bit longer.

So I hope you'll all enjoying your Sad Goth boxes, I have seen some posts already and I'm so glad you're enjoying them, they've really helped to keep my spirits up, so thank you! Apologies if some meltys arrived well err melted! Let me know as I've been sent extras by @gothwicks for any mishaps! Hope those patiently waiting for your box enjoy it too, thank you all for your patience and support at this crazy time. Any issues please contact me and if you do not receive your box by the time dispatch for Junes box comes around please let me know so I can look into it. Post is having a real delay with customs for orders in the US, Canada and Australia so please allow some time for delay but if after four weeks there is no update on your box tracking at all please do let me know. .

Here's some awesome images I've spied over Instagram of some mystery, Munster and Bats boxes, as well as some cool coffin creations with our old boxes that are so amazing!... KEEP. THEM. COMINGGGGG 🕺🕺 Nothing makes my day more than seeing happy customers 🥰

coffinboxcoffincraftcoffincraftboxcoffinplantmarkerscoffingravestonescoffinboxeslipstickcreationcoffinpincollectioncoffin-trinket-boxbat-beautygoth-chickcoffin-beautcoffinbabebeautnhs-beaut-goth-boxbeautiful-korrynmissspookygorgeous-stephvioletvixannebeautvonruebat-necklacebat-necklace-goth-boxbat-wing-pinsbat-boxgoth-boxgoth-box-bitsbog-boxlove-bogbog-boxgoth-bog-boxmystery-goth-boxgothic-boxgoth-box-mystery-boxbookishmariebox-goth-coffin-boxlovecoffinboxbog-boxfull-bats-boxbats-goth-boxfullbatboxgoth-bat-boxgoth-batscoffinboxesmunsters-maniabatty-boxmunsters-soapsoap-gothwings-enamel-pinsbat-patchbats-goth-boxbat-hangingbatsbat printbat-bagbats-about-batshanging-bat-necklacebats-necklacebat-bag-gothgothbats


On a different note like many I have been deeply saddened by everything going on. You can donate to many a worthy cause through the information below. (Images taken from Instagram)



These un-muted chats need to keep happening. Things need to change! #BlackLivesMatter