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I know we've had a few really hot days but where the hell did months July and August whizz by to? Can't believe it's September already!!! Things went so quick we forgot to blog post last month! So we have a load of awesome images we spied on Instagram (as always please keep those coming)  🖤    So this month is A MYERS HALLOWEEN! We love Halloween and we love horror so we're super excited for this box! Look out for our Addams box giveaway in the next couple days as we want to know what you guys want for next month! Thank you as always, you lot are the best, you lot rock and put smiles on our...

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Is It Halloween Yet?

Nearly time for winter socks, fires, autumn leaves, gloomy nights and more, but most of all, it's nearly Halloween! Yayyy! I know I'm a month early but our new Halloween Box of Goth box is up is getting us in the spooky spirit! (Though everyday is practically Halloween right?) One of my favorite things is seeing all the Halloween merchandise in stores, wish it could be like that all the time! So the Vampire boxes went out basically on time and bank holiday didn't mess us up much thankfully! All September boxes will be out on time, or a few days earlier, stay updated via our Instagram, @boxofgoth! Thank you so much for your continuous and amazing support, it's why...

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Where the F*ck Is Time Going?!

Well, we love October as a month, and it's been and gone already! Such a busy month, thank you for all your support as always, it really helps us to be nice to each other while we work in our small Box of Goth office. :) Anyways, thanks so much for your patience in the couple day delay with sending out Octobers box, we hope you love it! For all UK orders if you haven't received your order by Tuesday 7th please contact us and we will look into it. All other orders please contact us by mid month if you have still not received your box and again, we will look into it no fuss. Our next box is the...

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