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Anyone Else?

Does anyone else hate how quick this year is going? January was a bit of a drag, but the rest of the year is just flying by!  It's been so busy that I forgot to post last month! With February having only 28 days, myself and Lucy didn't get a couple days break and it threw me off! The blog was nowhere in my mind until yesterday! So apologies!  As always here some of the amazing pics we spied on Instagram over the last couple months... keep the pics and posts coming, they make our day!     The Pastel Goth box is up and running low already, so grab one now if you haven't! Thank you to those who...

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Long January, Quick February!

How is it January has been about four months long but it's now like "Oh wow it's February already!?" Our Oddities & Taxidermy box is now available! But grab one now if you want it, we have only a handful of new sub boxes or single purchase boxes left available now, they're going fast! It's also extra item in subscription box month again! Woo! Here's some images we spied over January! Thank you all so much to those that post, we love seeing them, keep 'em coming! 🖤      ----- We have just a handful of Black Boxes left! And we have around 15% of Horror Kings boxes left but once these are gone, they're gone forever! Don't miss out!  Extra Gothic Lolita...

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New Year, again!

Time just flies by doesn't it! Another Christmas gone and the New Year is here! Happy New Year! 🖤 Our Gothic Lolita box is now available to anyone not already on subscription! We have done a few less boxes than November and December as so we have more time to make more coffins! Don't miss out on this one! Here's some wicked Horror Kings box images we spied on Instagram! There's around 20% of these full boxes left in stock, but once they're gone they're gone forever so don't miss out on the horror! Get 20% off the remaining Horror King boxes with code: GIMMEHORROR!     We only have a handful of Black Boxes left so get one now!  Stay...

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