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Spookily Great Year!

Is it really May already?! We started in May last year and myself and Luce are so happy to have made it to May 2018! Our loyal supporters, fans and customers are the best and we thank you upmost because without you this wouldn't be possible anyway! To those who continually give us support and love (you know who you are) you are the reason we do all this with a smile! We will always  remember those that support us and loyalty will always be rewarded! In our upcoming May box all subscribers will receive an extra! 🖤 Here's some awesome tagged @boxofgoth #boxofgoth Instagram images we've noticed this month (keep them coming... we love them!)   May's Skulls & Skeletons...

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Going Going Gone!

Hello lovelies! The months just get quicker and quicker don't they?! I know February has a shorter day month but damn how is it March tomorrow already?! Big thanks as always to our supporters and thank you to those who purchased and posted pictures of their January THE FOREST Boxes. We love seeing your pictures and will post them on monthly blog post so keep them coming! The last handful of January boxes are available before they're gone forever so don't miss out!  Also can we just appreciate what the beautiful Shantel (below) has done with her box of goth boxes! She has a sick jewelry collection and made a shelf to house it all out of our Box of Goth coffin boxes!...

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A Glorious Dark Summer

Firstly, again, THANK YOU! Seriously and honestly, without you guys we couldn’t do this and without our lovely supporters we wouldn’t want to! A few things… SHIPPING: Our current shipping prices are a few pennies for the UK, and up to a few pounds for Internationals, less than what they actually are in the postal offices and courier services we use. If and when we are ever able to we would love to offer free shipping, but currently we are not able to offer free post, unfortunately we're not Amazon. If we did, as many independent businesses know, we would then be basically working for free (one of us do!), which we would do if bills didn't exist! Please keep this...

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