So Nearly Bundy!

Hi everyone! Firstly, thank you SO SO MUCH to everyone for their patience in a few parcels being delayed by two days for dispatch this month, and thank you for the kind messages sent over. Nikki is doing well since her foot op and desperate to get back in the office! It very nearly got Bundy in the office but you lot calmed me down!

Anyways so the True Crime are out! Yayy! Any issues just send us an email.
I've been spying your awesome Satans box and other images on Instagram, they always make me smile and definitely perked me up on the stressful days this month!




The next box Goth Garden is available now! A limited quantity to those not already on subscription but a few more than last month! There is a few True Crime boxes available with a couple extras being made to go up later this month. These will be the last ever full boxes though so don't miss out! You can still grab some past box single items of your choice with our Past Mystery boxes! Loads of items from 2017 and early 2018 have sold out so grab a box before it's all gone! 

You people rock, I hope you know that. 🤘🖤