Oh, Hello!

Firstly, let our black hearts just say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us from the start in May 2017, followed us on social media, bought a box, or sent us a kind word. Also a special thank you to our subscribers who have been with us from the start, you lot f*cking rock!

Thank you to all who have taken the time to video the unboxing of their boxes. Check out some videos from June’s The Black Cat & The Raven Box below… (Goth Summer unboxing vids will be added around the end of August) 

Orenda Rain


Tina Fox Pearson

If you would prefer to see an image of the full contents of The Black Cat & The Raven box click here.

We welcome all feedback, positive and constructive criticism as we want to continue to improve and make boxes we all love! We understand that you can't please everyone, but we are just a tiny trio of girls who had a dark vision earlier this year and just wanted to try and make it happen. We hope you'll love our boxes as much as we do! Our handmade products will continue to grow and improve, as will our boxes and any suggestions on themes, items or anything you can think of is welcomed. Please just send us an email with any queries, comments or suggestions to hi@boxofgoth.com, and someone will get back to you within 48hrs. Please any queries please send us emails instead of leaving comments on Facebook as it's hard to keep up with Facebook's notifications on those. Emails will ALWAYS be replied to. 

Again thanks so much for all your support, our little dark team and black hearts love you all for it!

You can now purchase the next box, The Black Widow Spider box, if you're not already on subscription!