Munsters, Mental Health and Where is the Time Going?

Oops it's been half the month and I haven't posted already! Things have been crazy busy and you amazing lot sold out us of our Sad Goth: It's Ok Not to Be Ok box in days like you did the Bats about Bats box! We can't thank you enough! Apologies to those who missed out on our Sad Goth box, we do hope to have a few extra early June but we are doing less than our Bats box due to supply issues we had last month, as it was just super crazy. We had to swap out some things we had planned very last minute last month and it was not fun! Time is just flying by at the moment!

We're super happy to be supporting Mental Health Awareness with Mental Health Awareness month and we're on time with no current issues! And we have five, the most ever, awesome collaborations with our Sad Goth box including @follyfire, @thecardsharkuketsy who we can finally put inside having bigger boxes, @violetvixanne, @cintheseart and last minute addition we've never had before @gothwicks! Go check these amazing people out!

So here's some images Lucy spied on Instagram from our Munsters Mania box and more and honestly I love when she shows me them, it makes crazy long days so much more worth it! Keep them coming!




Extra Bats about Bats boxes coming Monday May 18th and also early June as we just don't have the time to do pack, label and dispatch all the current extra Bat boxes we have around doing the Sad Goth boxes, but once those are dispatched all extra Bat boxes will be up June 1st!

Stay safe you wonderful people. We're here anytime, we couldn't do this without you,

Much love and hugs


Nikki & Lucy