Merry Gothmas Everyone!

This time next week it will be Christmas Eve, Eve! CHRISTMAS EVE, EVE OF 2017!! Bloody hell.

Anywayyys, so happy you all loved your November R.I.P boxes, we were overwhelmed with the positive responses on those, this box was our personal favourite! It was so time consuming though we do apologize we didn’t have time to wrap those coffins in bubble wrap as usual, resulting in a couple of you having bashed boxes! Some international orders may still be waiting for those unfortunately as we have been advised international post in Canada and Australia has a delay of between 7-10 days, gahhh. We do greatly apologize if you are one of few still waiting but it is out of our control, please do contact us if you do not (hopefully not!) have your box by Christmas and we will look into it. 

Most of you should be receiving very soon or have received your December Bloody Xmas Box already, thanks so much for the love on those who have already received your boxes. With the stress of getting everything made and out much quicker for Christmas resulted in me and Lucy screaming at each other more than once, which is rare, but we love each other again. Your messages and posts of love and appreciation make it all worth it!

A little reminder the box prices will be going up from £22 to £24 for single purchase boxes, and from £22 to £23 for our subscription purchases in February 2018. Our subscribers will also receive an extra item in every third box they receive, starting with Febraury!

Check out our new F.A.Q page for more information about Box of Goth you’d like to know! Though if you’re reading this you probably already know!

A new favorite thing of mine and Lucy’s is to go over all the pics you tag us in and put them up here. :)

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 rip november boxrip november boxgoth contents

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goth grave framegoth grave frame goth boxgoth grave frame box item


You can see some un-boxing videos clicking here, here and here. Thanks so much to the people who take the time to do those. (Please send us yours as we’d love to put them here, but we unfortunately do not have time to find them)

We will be out of office from the 21st-28th but emails will be checked every 48hrs so please let us know of any issues as soon as they arise as so we can deal with it efficiently. 

January’s theme to be announced by the end of the month! Stay tuned mainly via our Instagram page @boxofgoth.

Wishing you all a very Merry Gothmas and hope you have a Bloody great Xmas!

Thanks again for all your support, we loves ya for it! <3

The Girls