It's Nearly Chrriiisssttmmaasssssss!!

Hello you beautiful people you!
Can you actually believe its December 2018 already! It's nearly 2019! Why does time go so fast when you're an adult?! šŸ˜‘
Anywayyyyyy... All Horror Kings boxes are out and December's theme is here; The Black Box... A love and appreciation for the color black šŸ–¤ We decided not to do a Christmas theme this year as we have more coffins to make and we wanted our subscribers to have a choice of when you want/receive your box. We'veĀ  been working our butt off so that if you want your box before Christmas you can have it, but if you want if after you can have it sent out on the usual 28th date. If new subscribers or single purchase boxes would like their box before Christmas just order your box before the deadline posting date of your country as found below:
Order deadline to receive before Christmas:
USA- 9th December
CANADA- 9th DecemberĀ 
EUROPE- 10th DecemberĀ 
IRELAND- 10th DecemberĀ 
UK- 12th DecemberĀ 
There's still a few Horror Kings boxes available and you can grab one at 25% off if buying with the December box! Use code HORRORPLZĀ at checkout!
As always we've been checking out your awesome tags images of last months Horror Queens box and more! Keep thlse tags coming, they make our day! šŸ˜šŸ˜Š
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Thanks as always for your continued support.. it means more than you know! We wouldn't be able or even want to do this without you amazing people that give us the drive and love we need! You ROCK! šŸ–¤