It's Chrrriiisssttmmmaaasss!!!

Can you actually believe it's December already?! What the hell! We had this idea very early in the year, we were live in May and the months have just whizzed by! Thank you as always to everyone who shows us support, you honestly have no idea how much it makes all this worth it!
Everyone in the UK should have their boxes by now, if you haven't please contact us and we will look into it for you. We hope our International orders all start receiving theirs soon! Please contact us by the 14th December if you haven't received your box by then, and we'll look into it if you're not having much luck knowing it's whereabouts with your tracking numbers. We are going to start packing and getting out some December boxes this week and continuing that until the 15th. It's been manic trying to get everything done so much quicker! Work, work, work! Any orders made between the 15th-20th will be sent out on the 21st. No orders will be sent out after the 21st December until next month. 
The January box will be available online to new subscribers and single purchase orders from January 2nd. Theme to be announced end of December! We will be available via email up until the 21st December, and we will get back to any emails sent after then by the 29th December. 
The price of our box will go up slightly in the new year with single purchase orders upped by £2, taking single purchase boxes to £24. Subscription orders will go up by £1, taking boxes to £23. As we know January can be a tough month, changes will be made from February 2018.
This is to help us to hopefully be able to continue Box of Goth throughout 2018. We're not greedy but we need a little help if we're to continue what we're doing. If it weren't for some you supporters there's been times we have thought twice about continuing but we press on because we love what we do and want to continue for those who show us so much love. We promise to keep bringing you items you love and working to make each month as good as but hopefully better than the last. We will continue to resolve issues quickly, answer all emails (sometimes we don't notice DM social media notifications due to many notifications, so please do email us any questions or queries) and remember those who support us! Please also do feel free to send us any theme suggestions for boxes you'd like to receive!
Some good news is that our next box is the Bloody Xmas box... and if you haven't already purchased is now available to purchase by clicking here. You can also purchase some previous month boxes items in our Christmas sale shop, only available until the 7th latest, by clicking here. Some other good news is that we hope to lower postage slightly by May 2018 latest. More information on that will come next year.
We adore the pics you lot tagged us in for your Halloween boxes! Thanks so much for your patience we those, we're so glad you loved them. See below for a load of our favorites! Please keep your pics coming we love, love, love them! (All other boxes full contents pics barrings Novembers and this months can be viewed by going to that product page and clicking the link within the description). Please send us videos as so we can note them, we don't always have time find them.
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The R.I.P box freebie will be posted tomorrow, stay tuned via Facebook and Instagram. We will make any November boxes we can make during the holidays available in January but there's some time consuming items so give us some time. But we will get a least 5-10 made for all those who keep asking. 
Any queries, questions, or anything please just contact us via email; It will always be replied to.
Again, thank you.

Much dark love 

The Girls