Is It Halloween Yet?

Nearly time for winter socks, fires, autumn leaves, gloomy nights and more, but most of all, it's nearly Halloween! Yayyy! I know I'm a month early but our new Halloween Box of Goth box is up is getting us in the spooky spirit! (Though everyday is practically Halloween right?) One of my favorite things is seeing all the Halloween merchandise in stores, wish it could be like that all the time!

So the Vampire boxes went out basically on time and bank holiday didn't mess us up much thankfully! All September boxes will be out on time, or a few days earlier, stay updated via our Instagram, @boxofgoth!

Thank you so much for your continuous and amazing support, it's why we do this!

Here's some Zombies Vs Mummies and a few other box pics we spied over Instagram in August. We have just a handful of the Zombie boxes left at the moment and you can get a cheeky discount using code: SNEAKY :)

fabesterbogbox of goth

princessloser box of gothlucy box of goth

shantelcoffin baberosie box of goth

spooky box of gothloser box of gothbox of goth gang

box of gothfabesterbox of goth bog

bloody printsskull soapskulls

ouijabog boxcrystals

glitterskull necklace bogskull collar

fabesterskull crystal bogskull pin

brainsbrainss box of gothwax brains

meltyswax candlewax brains bog

viruszombie viruszombie bits

zombie vs mummies boxzombie vs mummies box pinszombie vs mummies box of goth



ty-beanie-zombie-vs-mummieswalking deadzombie-vs-mummies-boxes

full-box-zombie-vs-mummiesbox-zombie-vs-mummiesfull box of goth box




Keep those Vampire box images coming as you receive your boxes, we love seeing them and we will post those here next month. We do hope to make a few extra boxes as we do have the items available but we keep those in case of lost boxes/missing items. As soon as we know everyone has their box we can make those available.

Don't forget the Trick 'R Treat Halloween Box is up! We have a limited amount available like last month so don't miss out! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🤘🖤