Happy New Year Everyone!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONEEEE!! Can you believe it's 2020! It sounds so futuristic! The years go so quickly nowadays... I don't like it!

The December Burton Nightmare box was actually a nightmare! (No pun intended!) We loved doing it but trying to make the coffins, the jack heads, the soaps and getting all the other items sorted in four weeks is hard enough, but two weeks! Wow, it was too crazy! Especially with only four hands! But we're so so happy lots of you have messaged and tagged us to let you know you love it, and for many it was your favorite! So that definitely makes the madness totally worth it šŸ„°

Some people ask what themes we are having months in advance and we can't usually say as we don't plan like that. Mainly because we don't have the capital being a small independent business, and two because we actually quite like deciding what we fancy doing the month before we do a box as we're fickle and love to change our minds on things lol

In December we decided we wanted to get witchy, so A Witches Mix is live and selling fast for January so don't miss out!

We really do love to see your images of your boxes and items on social media so please please keep tagging us in those šŸ–¤ Here's some we've spied over the month including those who got their Burton boxes early!




We hope to be able to add some different and exciting one-off boxes, and less costly box choices to the store this year so stay tuned for when we will have more information on that. šŸ–¤

You guys flipping rock! We hope you all have the most amazing 2020!

We're going rock this shiz for you lot!