Halloween Is Here!!!!!

YES!!! It's Halloween month! Our favorite month of the year! Oh how I wish it could be Halloween everyday!Ā šŸŽƒšŸŽƒšŸŽƒšŸŽƒšŸŽƒ

As always we greatly thank and appreciate our loyal customers and supporters, you have no idea what it means to us! šŸ–¤

Here's some of your lovely box images that we've spied on over social media over September... (we've seen a few Trick 'R Treat Halloween boxes today, we love them! Thank you! We'll add them next month. Keep them coming!)

Ā goth enchantedmissspookucoffin shelfbog boxcoffins

coffin babemummy necklacerib cage necklacemanic boopaige tbeastymeimeicoffinszombie boxouijavamp boxloaer clubvampire boxvampspinsvamp bits

bog itemsbogvamp bits

i suck pinvampire bitsvampire boxes

vamp ringskull soapstwinklevamp bitstwinkle and doomtwinkle and vamp bitsvampire boxbog vampire boxlego vampire boxring vampire boxbog vampbog itemsring vampire boxvampire box itemsfull vampire items


We will try and get some extra Vampire and Trick 'R Treat boxes up as well as some past boxes, for those asking and those interested! Stay tuned!Ā 

Our Horror Queens box is now available!! Limited qty as always so grab one now people! It's gonna be a screamer!

We have the last couple Zombie Vs Mummies boxes available and you can get Ā£Ā£ off using code: DEADCHEAP, don't miss out!

Stay dark!Ā šŸ–¤šŸ¤˜