Happy Trick 'R Treat!

Halloween always seem to come and go so quickly! The decorations and spooky atmosphere is the best time of the year so we keep it spooky 24/7! But Halloween come back already!

The Horror Queen boxes was one of our favorite boxes to do being such massive horror fans and now it's onto Horror Kings, yayy! I've spied a few Horror Queens boxes on Instagram since yesterday, keep them coming, it makes myself and Nikki very happy to see your awesome pics and know that you love your boxes! It's why we do this!

We also loved seeing the images of the Trick 'R Treat boxes, that was also another fun one to do. Maybe not so much for Nikki who made all those dolls herself (while I concentrated on the other bits in the box)... she hated Sam by the end of the month lol, though the love has since returned.

mini sam voodoo dolls

 mini sambox-goth-trickbox-goth-trick-treatbox-goth-trick-boxlil-fan-beastymeimeibox-goth-sambox-gothsam-octbox-goth-box-vampbox-goth-box-loserbox-goth-box-wintertrick-box-goth-boxcassie-box-goth-boxsara-box-goth-boxsam-box-goth-boxoct-box-goth-boxbox-goth-boxesbox-goth-boxesbeautebonyrosebox-goth-boxcoffin-boxbogsamsam-boxsept-boxbox-goth-boxesunboxing-bogwinter-halloweenbits-boghalloween boxbox-gothboxes=gothcoffin-bogcoffin-babeshelf-bogboxgothblood-necklacecoffinboxessarvetarcoffinbabesloser-clubrosiewinterzvampboxouija-boxsaraspookycoff-boxpinslegofabesterspookyhalloweenvampbitshalloweenboxestricktreatboxtrickboxboxes-bogsamprintpumpkin-necklacesamspookynecklacevickiesamhainvamplipshalloweenboxestricktreatbox


We will try and get some extra Horror Queens boxes made if possible, stay tuned! 

Our Horror Kings box is now available!! Limited quantity as always so grab one now people! It's gonna be Horrifyingly good!

Stay dark you awesome lot! 🖤🤘