But Debbie... Pastels?!

We had so much fun doing the Pastel Goth box! We're not used to so much colour but we've peeped a lot of you receiving them on Insta and the feedback has been great, so thanks so much to those who suggested it and to those who purchased one, you guys all rock! Extra's online now, but grab one quick as these may be the last ever full Pastel Goth boxes we can make!

Of course we had to go a bit darker for the next one after all those lovely pastels with our Satan's Box theme, which is available now! But limited quantity available so don't miss out! All subscriber boxes will also get an extra gift inside their boxes :)

Here's some Memento Mori box pics and other images we've spied on Instagram over the last month... Keep 'em coming you haven no idea how much they make our day!

 memento-morihollyemmamemento-mori-boxsarvetarbog-reviewcoffinbabegothic-vegangothbeautyskullringmementomoribeautshanteldeadpatchbmboxmemento-moriboxmemento-mori-bogbog-boxnecktiecoffinshelvesmessed-upcrowpinmemento morifollyfireshantasticboxofgothbox-gothbox-goth-crowbox-goth-mementomoribatwingsalready-deadlipstickfolly-firecoffin-boxskull-ringphoto-heartcoffin-boxmemento-boxmemento-mori-boxbog-box-gothskull-memento-moriskullringmemento-magnet

 Cuddle kittens and hail Satan. 🖤 🤘