Burton Crazy!

Can you believe it's December already?! I think I say this every year but 2019 seems to have whizzed by even quicker than ever!

So we're ending 2019 with a Burton Nightmare box! Items inspired by the awesome Tim Burton and his films and characters that we all love! Myself and Lucy really enjoyed doing the Beetlejuice box and the most recent Paranormal Activities box, still paying homage to Beetlejuice with some items, so we just wanted to continue some Burton bits! The box is live now so grab one soon! Very limited new subscription and single boxes available.

We are aiming to do two dispatch dates if possible, it'll be crazy busy but we're going to go for it! You can find out more info in the Burton box product description and newsletter being sent out today.

We will do some of his films as full boxes sometime in the future but we're excited to do a mix themed box.

So our Paranormal Activities boxes are all out! Please look out for your boxes via your tracking number but any issues just send us an email, hi@boxofgoth.com.

There's still some ghost boxes available but we may not be able to do any extras as normal due to the rush of the December box, so don't miss out!.

Here's some of your awesome Beetlejuice box images we saw from those we were tagged in, and some Myers and Mystery box images, please don't forget to tag us in your post so we see it! We love them! <3