2020 Whizzing By!

You know you're getting old when you repeat yourself or sound like your own parents but WHERE IS THE YEAR GOING ALREADY!? How is it March already! πŸ˜‚ Month's just whizz by as an adult!

Anyways Lucy and I had the most fun with February's Coffin Box of Curiosities! Probably one of, if not, the most fun box to date! We love having the chance to add any weird or strange item we like and this box was perfect for that! You guys should be receiving them over the next few days and we really hope you enjoy them as much as we did making them. πŸ₯° We will try to make a few extras during the month around our next months theme!

Incase you haven't seen already...WE'RE GETTING NEW BOXES!!

We're tired of making them, it's become a long and stressful process as we don't have the printing machine needed, so making the box and then covering with black paper was becoming the bane of our lives πŸ˜‚ So so after scouring and contacting numerous box making companies we finally found one that will make them for us and print them black! πŸ•ΊThey'll also be slightly bigger and flat packed so you can make them flat for recycling or keep them made up as storage boxes πŸ₯°βš° We will also pack them without the bubble wrap and use paper bubble wrap as we want to try and stop our plastic use this year πŸ–€
They'll still be in the current mail bags (we are looking into biodegradable bags also) as they are cardboard they could get wet otherwise but let's see how it goes! πŸ‘€
We have the sample which we may post a sneak peek next month but it's not printed black as they will be! They'll be filled with this months theme so those with the Coffin Box of Curiosities coming to you this may be the last of our handmade ones for a while, possibly forever!! (P.s If you hate them we will go back to ours but we hope you do like them!🀞)
Our handmade coffins will still be used for Past Mystery Boxes until fully gone! (You can also still send us 10 in exchange for a themed coffin of your choice!) We will not be making more unless you hate the new ones! Say goodbye to our lovely handmade coffins that I spent just over six-weeks learning how to make. πŸ–€
As always here the awesome images we've spied on social media, mainly of the Witches Mix box which we're so happy that you loved! keep them pictures cooommmiiinnngggg!!
Dmc-witches-boxwednesdayaddamsbog-vixannebog-witches-boxessneak-bog-witches-boxbog-witches-box-pinbog-witches-boxlaurabog-coffinweirdos-misterwitches-box-folly-firewitches-boxwitches-illustrationenamel-pins-arthocus-pocuswednesday-beautwitch boxbeaut-bog-fanwitch-goodies

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And the next MUNSTER MANIA is here! Item's inspired by the family! Limited quantity and they'll be heading inside our new coffins and we have three collaborations, so don't miss out!


Rock on you awesome lot 🀘