Batshi! and Crazy!

Hello you batshit crazy lot! :)
Thank you all so so much for  your support over the last few months.. especially those who come to continually give us love.. you's are the reason we continue to do this! While we do honestly love what we do, the hours we put in does not warrant what we pay ourselves and if it wasn't for the support we do not think we could go on! We want to make Box of Goth amazing for you guys and you help us to continue to get better! We understand we won't be for everyone but for those who do love us, just know your support, kindness and loyalty will always be remembered and rewarded.
And as always a massive thank you to those who take the time to take pictures and tag us in them on social media pages.. it makes our day to see them after crazy weeks! Find below those we've spotted on Instagram! <3 
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Also we just have to put up an appreciation picture of the lovely @my_eclectic_aesthetic's amazing shelving collection! #swoon... Jammed with items from @Boxofgoth, @skullyandme and @mysticumluna <3
goth shelf collection
We're loving the Batshi! Crazy box pics we have been seeing also! Keep those coming we can't wait to add these here next month. We are going to try and get any extra Bat boxes we can done up early April for all those asking so stay tuned!
April's box theme is Ouija & Spirits! We're excited! Available from today be quick as there's even less boxes being made this month than last! (This is due to having to make more of our coffin boxes which takes time.. and we only have four hands to make them!)
Much much love... you guys rock. 🤘