Advents Nearly Ready!


I think I say this every month but, seriously, how is it November?!?! This year has dragged and been one of the worst for most but whizzed by at the same time! I actually hate it!

 Anyways this time next week ill start packing the advent to start getting out them from the 9th onwards. Any advent orders after November 20th may reach you after Dec 1st so try grab one before them. The below image is the coffin and 17 of the 25 items (or 5 more than the half day coffins) and I no longer like wrapping, ha! I'm so excited and crazy nervous too, I hope you like them!



All current month October's Keeping It Spooky boxes are now all out, I know some are reaching you already. Octobers box was actually a nightmare! Around the craziness of the advent, one item came and it wasn't the right item and then I had something being made but wasnt told it couldnt be made until the 20th when i enquired when it would be delivered lol so yeah, it was fun! lol but im so glad those who has received their boxes already are loving them, it makes everything worth it!

My brain is all over the place at the moment but hes some of the tagged images i've managed to spy on Instagram, please ensure to tag your Box of Goth pics so I get the notification :) 


November's La Luna box is now online! Limited amount available around the advents so don't miss out! Also the advents are now under half in stock! Grab one soon so you can have a goth, spooky or beauty item each day in December up to Christmas!
Love you lot so much! Thank you for your continued support, I couldn't do this without you guys and I can't thank you enough for that.