A Witching Summer

Who has made it July already? Jheeze lock-down has dragged but wow how is it July?!! 

Our Witching Summer box has sold out in two days! Featuring an amazing collaboration with the awesome Charlotte @foreverirregular ❤ Thank you so so much! Extra Witching Summer boxes may be available later this month, stay updated via our Instagram @boxofgoth, otherwise they'll be some available next month once I know everyone has their boxes. I hope to up the amount made by September latest so more people don't miss out and I apologize to those that did, extras coming. I can't thank you all enough for your support!


I've spied some awesome images over Instagram of the Sad Goth & Bats boxes (as well as some Necromancy but I won't post them incase I spoil for those still awaiting their boxes), as always please do keep those tags and shares coming, I love seeing them it makes the long days so much more manageable!  I made a donation from proceeds of the Sad Goth box to the Mental Health Foundation on July 3rd (once all extras were dispatch and sorted) which I posted the thank you email on to our stories on Instagram, thank you to everyone who bought a box and made a donation. You all rock 



In other awesome news Lucy is back part-time! She's working with a family member in their shop at the moment but will also be helping with the odd item and coming down on packing days. So you'll still get me now (Nikki) via email and social media :) Give us a shout if you need help with anything.

In other other news incase you didnt catch our newsletter annoyingly Royal Mail have upped their postal costs yet again (sigh) I previously paid £1.06-£1.50 of each International parcel, as as small business that does hit me hard some months. Today post went up another £2.18 to make USA parcels £16.68 each! I found out shipping the remaining mystery etc boxes awaiting dispatch. I really can't afford to pay £3.18 of each USA parcel so the shipping price has increased from £13.50 to £15 for the USA only currently so ill still be paying £1.68 of each USA parcel. Current subscribers will keep the same £13.50 price until August 1st 2020. I hate to have to put it up but I really can't afford to pay anymore postage costs as I do for each International parcel. If I can ever lower them or the dream would be to send for free, I totally will! I am going to look into other couriers and if I can find anything cheaper i'll switch postal services.

Right now it is just the USA that has been raised but if other countries follow suit I will have to unfortunately up those prices too.

If you need to cancel your sub because of the increase I totally understand just send me an email.


Thanks again, you lot make my day 🖤

 Stay safe, holla if you need me for anything (or just to say hey, anytime!