A Glorious Dark Summer

Firstly, again, THANK YOU! Seriously and honestly, without you guys we couldn’t do this and without our lovely supporters we wouldn’t want to!

A few things…


Our current shipping prices are a few pennies for the UK, and up to a few pounds for Internationals, less than what they actually are in the postal offices and courier services we use. If and when we are ever able to we would love to offer free shipping, but currently we are not able to offer free post, unfortunately we're not Amazon. If we did, as many independent businesses know, we would then be basically working for free (one of us do!), which we would do if bills didn't exist! Please keep this in mind when stating the box costs X amount online when that is including the shipping for your country. We do our best to make sure items are packaged securely within our boxes but if they arrive broken it’s because they broke along the travel. If you receive a faulty item in your box please just email us at hi@boxofgoth.com, emails are always replied to and we will sort it out no problems.


We can’t thank our supporters enough; it makes our non-stop work worth it! We’re just about a handful of girls who wanted to try make something f*cking great! And with your help we will get better and better!  As mentioned in our previous blog, we take on board any dislikes about the box and welcome constructive criticism but trolls and unnecessary words on our social media pages will be removed and you will be blocked from our page.  We’re all pretty evil in this office in the fact we like bloody things, horror movies, serial killer documentaries and anything about cults and covens, but we’re still nice people. It’s nice to be nice despite our black hearts and support will be remembered (and rewarded!).


For the people that take the time to do unboxing videos, especially you Val2000kitty, thanks so much for your honesty, feedback and general amazingness…  Click here to be taken to her Youtube channel to see some of her unboxing vids. Also Orenda.Rain you little cutie, thank you for your videos, we really appreciate the time taken to do these... click here to be taken to Orenda's Youtube channel.

Another a massive thank you to those on Instagram (you know who you are) who regularly make our Lucy who deals with all social media smile from your comments and support.

If you would like to see an image of the full contents of the Goth Summer box click here.

Full box contents links can now be found in all month’s products descriptions barring the current month, and previous month to the current. (August will be added next month)

And just one more time, thanks so much for all your support, our little dark team love you all for it!

You can now purchase the next box, The Witches Crew boxif you're not already on subscription! 

If you have any questions, queries or issues please again just email us at hi@boxofgoth.com. Emails will always get a reply.