2020 Is Nearly Over! Phew!

This time last month I was running around like a mad woman trying to get all the large advent coffins wrapped, packed and out! Wow it was so much work and too much for one person but I managed it without completely losing my marbles, wahoo! Honestly seeing everyone so happy receiving them and currently opening them makes every bit of stress worth it! I wanted to make it happen last year but I just couldn't do it, but this year I got some help in funding to make it happen because i was doing a Goth Advent Calendar no matter what! I feel like now i've done one i know how to make them better and better! And plan a few months before the few months to make it easier for myself lol but again I really can't thank you lot enough for all your support this year, I wouldn't have survived it without you and wouldn't have been able to do the advents and I will be forever thankful. :)

Apologies for the delay with the La Luna box, the last item I was waiting never actually came so they went out with the replacement item but without a product list, I'm sorry I cant handle it being wrong lol 

Anyone still awaiting their La Luna boxes who purchased tracked shipping by mid next week please contact me so I can look into it. 

So here's a few images ive spied over social medias of the Keeping It Spooky box and advent boxes! Advent content pics being posted on socials and will be here next month so keep tagging!




Last few The Nightmarish Year Before Christmas boxes online! Don't miss out!

I posted this earlier on Our Instagram and Facebook but i feel more people need to see it. 


Love you peeps!